...Brought to your place  

on Block Isand.



This is the "New Normal" for us all right now.

Which is why I have reformatted to a  more safe &  intimate salon experience  for the Island.

Free of walls & boundaries 

while we all navigate through this together.

No need to sacrifice your style for safety.

You can have both.

XOXO Michael-Aaron



Clayhead Salon



"Clayhead to me is a living, ever evolving art project. I sawed every piece of wood, drove every screw, decorated, planned every service, every detail because I want everybody to feel welcome

expected and cared for, relaxed and nurtured, and above all else to be inspired! We have been inspired over the years and we always strive to learn and grow and provide even better services than we have in the past. We are thrilled to offer you services using the finest naturally derived, sustainable products on earth. Did you know that most of our specialty facials, massage, body treatments and scrubs are edible. You can eat them. Organic, ethically sourced goodness. A gift from our team to your health. It's a labor of love and it's more than worth it, because you are worth it."

"Welcome to Clayhead Salon & Spa. We've been expecting you."



Michael-Aaron Capps/ Owner/ Lead Stylist

Clayhead Salon&Spa, Block Island 



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